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WebsiteForRunners has been on the back burner for some time. We had great plans for the site but with other projects in the works we just haven’t been able to put the time into it to fulfill its potential.
The advertising and affiliate possibilities are nearly endless.

Perhaps you could give it the love and care it deserves….

Included in the sale would be ownership of:
WebsiteForRunners.com domain
Website4Runners.com domain
@Website4Runners twitter account (with 1,300+ followers)

Send us an email with your best offer to: admin (at) websiteforrunners.com

Kick your RACE SIGNS up a notch!

Marathon Race Sign If you’re going to write “You’re almost done” or “Go random stranger, go“, you might as well stand on the side of the road and tell runners that your dog ate your sign.
Step it up, slacker! Make it look like you put some effort into this.
We compiled a big list of some good ones – and even sorted them by theme.
This should get your creative juices flowing!    
Check out the full list.

Your Source for the Best Marathon Blog Collections

BloggerWant the inside scoop about what people *really* think about their marathon experience?
– Was the expo any good?
– Was it hard to find the starting line from the local hotels?
– Did they have enough water on course?
– Was the medal better than that piece of crap from the year before?

Get it straight from the runners themselves! Check out our growing collection of Marathon Blog Recaps.

Celebrities almost able to outrun the Paparazzi!

Did you know Will Ferrell broke 4 hours at the Boston Marathon?  Celebrity Running Shoe(With no confirmation of streaking.)

Drew Carey did 4:37:11 at the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon (all part of an 80-lb weight loss).

Celebrities put their running shoes on one foot at a time – just like us!

Check out this full list of Celebrity Marathon times and see how many of them you think you could beat!

Brush up on Your Reading


Ready to get serious and take your training to another level?

Or maybe just looking for an interesting read about the sport you love?

Check out our list of 16 Great Running Books to Inspire Your Training.



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