Celebrity Marathon Times

Here at WebsiteForRunners, we know that each of you who completes a marathon is a superstar in their own right, but what do Hollywood movie stars do to keep in shape? How do supermodels keep their figure? What do politicians do to avoid having to do any real, constructive work? We can’t say for sure, but certainly a good run can help anyone burn a few pounds, let off some steam, or put off meaningful tasks.
We’ve provided a list of how well-known celebrities and personalities performed when they tackled the full 26.2 miles of a marathon.Celebrity Running Shoe
Ok, if you didn’t already know, who would you think can run a marathon quicker?

George W. Bush or Al Gore?  Lisa Ling or Ryan Reynolds?  P Diddy or Bobby Flay?
Wondering if you can beat Oprah Winfrey…..?

YOU can run a marathon, and YOU can run a marathon.  EVERYBODY can run a maaarathonnn….”

                                             (Not an actual Oprah quote.  And hey, in all seriousness,  Oprah ran a very respectable time.)
Check the list below to see who ran what! If there’s someone who you think we should add, let us know at the bottom of the page. We’re trying to keep it to reasonably well-known folks, ‘cuz we don’t like thinking too hard.

PersonTimeEventBest Known for
Lance Armstrong2:46:432007 New York City MarathonFormer professional cyclist
David Petraeus2:50:531982 Omaha MarathonAmerican former military officer and public official
Jenson Button2:58:342012 Honolulu MarathonFormula One driver and 2009 World Champion
Dana Carvey3:04:211972 Ocean to Bay MarathonSaturday Night Live, Wayne’s World movies
Peter Sagal3:09:252011 Philadelphia MarathonRadio personality, NPR
Clarence Thomas3:11:001980 Marine Corps MarathonU.S. Supreme Court Justice
Harry Reid3:16:001972 Boston MarathonUnited States Senator from Nevada
Summer Sanders3:172002 New York City MarathonFormer U.S. Olympic Swimmer
Andy Baldwin3:17:312011 New York City MarathonThe Bachelor
Nev Schulman3:21:582017 New York City MarathonTV Personality (Catfish)
William Baldwin3:24:291992 New York City MarathonActor (several films)
Apolo Ohno3:25:122011 New York City MarathonU.S. Olympic short-track speed skater
Caroline Wozniacki3:26:332014 New York City MarathonNumber 8 Ranked Women’s Tennis Player at the time of the race
John Edwards3:30:18 1983 Marine Corps MarathonFormer United States Senator
Michael Dukakis3:31:001951 Boston MarathonFormer Governor of Massachusetts
Jennifer Carpenter3:34:282010 New York City MarathonActress (Dexter)
Nev Schulman3:34:312015 New York City MarathonActor/producer known for Catfish documentary/MTV series
Natalie Morales3:34:452014 Boston MarathonToday Show Co-Host
Joan Van Ark3:35:001979 Santa Ana/Orange Marathon 1979Actress (Knots Landing TV) Various stage shows
Gordon Ramsay3:36:002010 Los Angeles MarathonCelebrity Chef from various shows (ie:  Hell’s Kitchen)
Mary Wittenburg3:41:092017 New York City MarathonFormer NYRR CEO
Charlie Gibson3:43:241983 Marine Corps MarathonFormer host of Good Morning America, World News anchor
George W. Bush3:44:521993 Houston Marathon43rd President of the United States
Edward Norton3:48:012009 New York City MarathonActor (several films)
Pat Tillman3:48:482000 Avenue of The Giants MarathonFormer safety for US NFL Arizona Cardinals
Ryan Reynolds3:50:002008 New York City MarathonActor (several films)
Peter Weller3:51:001988 New York City MarathonActor (several films)
James Blake3:51:192015 New York City MarathonFormer pro tennis player – once ranked No. 4 in the world
Kim Alexis3:52:001992 New York City MarathonAmerican Model
Flea3:53:002011 Los Angeles MarathonBassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers
Roger Craig3:54:002004 Chicago MarathonFormer San Francisco 49ers running back
Justin Leonard3:54:402001 Dallas White Rock MarathonUS PGA Tour Golfer
Anthony Edwards3:55:402003 Chicago MarathonActor (ER, various films)
Kerri Strug3:56:062008 New York City MarathonMember of 1996 USA women’s gold medal Olympic gymnastics team
Will Ferrell3:56:122003 Boston MarathonComedian, Actor (SNL, various films)
Ben Gibbard3:56:342011 Los Angeles MarathonVocalist/guitarist from Death Cab for Cutie
Joey McIntyre3:57:002013 Boston MarathonSinger, Member of New Kids on the Block
Eliot Spitzer3:58:441983 New York City MarathonFormer Governor of New York
Michael Waltrip3:59:232005 Las Vegas MarathonRace car driver, co-owner of Michael Waltrip Racing
Sarah Palin3:59:362005 Humpy’s MarathonFormer Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidental Nominee
Paul Ryan4:01:251990 Grandma’s Marathon2012 Republican vice presidential nominee
Bobby Flay4:01:372010 New York City MarathonCelebrity chef
Sean Astin4:04:001998 Los Angeles MarathonActor (Lord of the Rings, Goonies, Rudy)
Jennie Finch4:05:262011 New York City MarathonU.S. Olympic softball player
Meredith Baxter4:08:001982 New York City MarathonActress (Family Ties)
Scott Bakula4:08:342004 Rock ‘n’ Roll MarathonActor (Quantum Leap,  Star Trek: Enterprise)
Amani Toomer4:13:452010 New York City MarathonFormer New York Giants wide receiver
Mark Messier4:14:21New York City Marathon, 2011Former NHL Player
Sean Combs4:14:542003 New York City MarathonAmerican rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur
Steven McQueen4:16:392015 Chicago MarathonActor known for his roles on the shows Chicago Fire and The Vampire Diaries.
Alanis Morissette4:17:032009 Bizz Johnson Trail MarathonCanadian singer, songwriter, and actress
Katrina Bowden4:17:232015 New York City MarathonActress known for her role as Cerie on the show 30 Rock
Kyle Petty4:18:342005 Las Vegas MarathonNASCAR Nextel Cup driver
Christy Turlington Burns4:20:472011 New York City MarathonAmerican Model
Mario López4:23:302011 New York City MarathonActor (Saved by the Bell), Host ‘Extra’
Ethan Hawke4:25:302015 New York City MarathonAcademy Award-nominated actor, writer, and director (Dead Poets Society, Boyhood)
Lynn Swann4:26:411993 New York City MarathonFormer Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver
Bill Rancic4:29:032015 Chicago MarathonThe Apprentice (Season 1)
Oprah Winfrey4:29:201994 Marine Corps MarathonTalk show host
Jill Biden4:30:02Marine Corps Marathon, 1998Second Lady of the United States
Brian Calley4:31:382013 Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank MarathonLt. Governor of Michigan
Lisette Oropesa4:32:182013 Brooklyn MarathonOpera singer
Lisa Ling4:34:182002 Boston MarathonHost of Our America on OWN. Former co-host of ABC’s The View
Shia LaBeouf4:35:002010 Los Angeles MarathonActor (several films)
Mike Huckabee4:37:292005 Marine Corps MarathonGovernor of Arkansas
Drew Carey4:37:112011 Marine Corps MarathonThe Price Is Right host
Erica Hill4:47:382014 New York City MarathonToday Show host
Tedy Bruschi4:47:442014 Boston MarathonFormer NFL NE Patriots star
Tiki Barber4:28:262017 New York City MarathonFormer NFL star
Gbenga Akinnagbe4:53:522011 New York City MarathonActor  (The Wire – HBO)
David James Elliott4:57:232000 Boston MarathonActor (JAG)
Al Gore4:58:251997 Marine Corps MarathonWhile Vice President of the United States
Teri Hatcher5:06:422014 New York City MarathonActress
Ted Koppel5:09:081983 Marine Corps MarathonNews journalist (Nightline)
Andy Katz5:10:252017 New York City MarathonBasketball Analyst for ESPN
Jared Fogle5:13:282010 New York City MarathonFormer Subway restaurant spokesman
Valerie Bertinelli5:14:372010 Boston MarathonActress (One Day at a Time, Hot in Cleveland)
Katie Holmes5:30:002007 New York City MarathonActress (Dawson’s Creek, various films)
Pamela Anderson5:41:032013 New York City MarathonActress (Baywatch), Model
Ali Landry5:41:412002 Boston MarathonAmerican Model, Former Miss USA
Alicia Keys5:50:522015 New York City MarathonGrammy-winning singer, songwriter, and actress
Meredith Vieira5:59:002010 New York City MarathonTV journalist and host
Robin Quivers6:09:002010 New York City MarathonRadio personality
David Lee Roth6:04:432010 New York City MarathonFormer frontman of rock group Val Halen
Al Roker7:09:002010 New York City MarathonTV weatherman

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