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Walt Disney World Marathon

Orlando, FL

The next event will be: January 5th, 2017 (5k) thru January 8th, 2017 (Full).
Approximate cost is: 5k (Thurs / $60+), 10k (Fri / $105+), Half-Marathon (Sat / $170+), and Full-Marathon (Sun / $170+).
Registration by lottery (yes/no): No
Maximum allowable race time is: 16 min per mile
Summary: The Marathon is part of a four day series that includes a 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, and Marathon. You can choose one or more events.
There are combination entries, such as the “Goofy” ($360+) which is entry into both the Half and Full Marathons or the “Dopey” ($530+) which includes entry into all four of the week’s races.
Races go through the theme parks (and also through long open roadways that connect them) and will sell out a few months in advance.
Average times are significantly slower for Disney than most others. Many runners stop to take pictures with characters or even ride rides.

Blog Recaps:
“Rumor had it that participants could move corrals easily if they brought documentation with previous race times to make the change. … In a bit of a panic, I searched my blog for race times, but I was instructed to visit the computer kiosk for an official printout. Not exactly the stress I wanted to deal with before a race, but I located a satisfactory time and printed it so that the corral correction could be made. Thank goodness! Now, I could start the race with my running partners!”
“This year, the race officials changed the course. Instead of running the usual overpasses or “Disney hills” as I like to call them, we ran through the Walt Disney Speedway and Wide World of Sports. The slant of the race track added a bit of stress on my knees and ankles…”

WDW Marathon Fireworks

“We left the park and ran along the path towards Disney’s Boardwalk. As we got closer to the resort area, we started seeing people with their medals. Seeing those shiny things around their necks spurred us forward. It also started a discussion about people who are already showered and clean with the medals. We were a little jealous. I was starting to struggle a little bit but I tried not to let it show. As we ran past the Mile 24 Marker, I told myself that I still had 2.2 solid miles left in me.”

Disney Entrance

“There are tons of character stops along the way—toward the beginning of the race, I estimated about three stops for every two miles. And each mile marker had a Disney character pictured on it. Getting photographed with characters is one of my least favorite things to do at Disney—big time investment, minimal payoff—so I didn’t stop for these photo ops. But I loved looking at each one as I went by…”

“I love running in Disney because at times, you can use the indoor potties if you know where to look! Two awesome cast members let us cut through their housekeeping closet to get to the “shorter line” side of the women’s restroom! SO nice of them!”

“The mood on the bus was mixed. Some people were angry. Some were relieved. One woman was crying; she was so upset and was demanding that runDisney refund all of her money back for the races. I sat there silently, looking around at everyone and understanding their emotional states. I felt oddly okay with what had just happened.”

Disney Marathon Logo

2:00:59 (Half)
“After the race, there were a few characters to take pictures with close to our bus pickup, so we took a few with the cows, Pluto, and Chip & Dale.”

“The castle went by so quickly and then we were coasting through Frontierland and then I was like HEY THERE ARE BATHROOMS IN FRONTIERLAND and they were a bit farther off the course but not by much and I ran to them and THERE WERE SO MANY OPEN STALLS OH GOD IT WAS PARADISE.”

Disney Expo

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