Running Glossary


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A light weight shirt without sleeves (tanktop) worn by runners.

Slow Twitch Muscle
Type of muscle fiber (cells which compose the muscles) which contract slowly but can perform for a long time.

Speed Work
Short, fast intervals with recovery jogs/walks between meant to increase your speed.

Split Times
Refers to your times at checkpoints along the way to the finish. Negative splits means that later sections are run faster than the first.

The 3000-meter event includes 28 hurdle jumps and seven water jumps. The jumps begin after the runners pass the finish line for the first lap. There are five jumps in each of the final seven laps, with the water jump as the fourth. The jumps are evenly distributed throughout the track. Each runner must go over or through the water pit and must jump each hurdle.

Short, fast, controlled runs of 50 to 150 meters which are used both in training and to warm up before a race.

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