Marathon Packing List From Head to Toe

Checklist Graphic
Print the first few pages, or click here for a one sheet PDF of this page.

First off, don’t forget to charge your electronic devices:
GPS Watch (and clear old data so it doesn’t fill up)
iPod (and Finalize playlist)
Cell Phone

Now, let’s start at the top of your head and work your way down to your toes!

Visor, Hat, Headband
Hairclips, Bobby Pins, Barrettes
Glasses / Sunglasses / Contact Lenses
Earphones / IPod

Jewelry (though you might want to keep that to a minimum)

Singlet / Shirt(s) in layers
Sports Bra
Bandaids or Nip Guards

Arms, Wrists, Hands:
Arm bands or Compression Sleeves
GPS or other Watch / Heart Rate Monitor
Pacing Wristbands
Other Jewelry

Waist:, Legs and Calves:
Underwear, Shorts, Tights
Compression socks
Sweat pants or throw-away pants

Running Shoes

Food, Drink:
Gu’s, Gels, Pretzels, Beans, etc
Sports Drink or Water

Storage / Other:
Fanny pack, Hydration Belt, or Camel back
Headlamp or Safety lights
Identification / Road ID

For BEFORE the Race:
Packet Pickup info
Race Route
Race Bib and Timing Chip, Safety Pins or Race Dots
Trash bags
Throw-away clothes (jacket/sweatshirt, Pants/Sweats)
Bag check ticket
Body Glide
Toilet Paper
Pre-race snacks
Heat Packets

For AFTER the Race:
Dry / Extra clothing, jacket or blanket
Flip flops or dry shoes
Any special food or drinks
Cash or Credit Card
Car or House Keys
Foam Roller

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