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Philadelphia Marathon

Philadelphia, PA

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The next event will be: November 20th, 2016.
Approximate cost is: $85-145
Registration by lottery (yes/no): No
Maximum allowable race time is: 16 min/mile
Summary: Third weekend in November. ~30,000 finishers.

Blog Recaps:
2:47:09 – 9th Overall Female
“As I was cruising along, trying to fight every ounce of pain that was screaming in my body, a man listening to head phones came to a complete stop right in front of me, throwing his elbow into my chest. It caught me off guard and knocked the air out of me.”

“The full marathoners and the half marathoners all start together, so my corral was packed, as was the course along the first half of the race. After my wave got started, it felt really great running with so many people. It wasn’t too crowded that I didn’t have room to run, but it was busy enough that I could feed off of everyone else’s energy.”

“…right before I crossed the finish line, I high fived the mayor of Philly! I may have cut off a bunch of runners to do it, but I’d be damned if I didn’t give the mayor some love!!! He was out there for the 8K, half marathon, and marathon high fiving runners. How cool is that???”

“After breakfast, I got dressed, applied my pace tat, sipped some water, and headed out the door. I expected the porta potty lines to be pretty crazy, so I made sure to use the facilities before I left the hotel. My plan was to stay in the (warm!) hotel for as long as possible and get to the corral about 20 minutes before the start. I definitely preferred this method over waiting outside for 3 hours in a start village…”
“I paid special attention to the half-marathon/marathon split and while I didn’t have any issues this year…I STILL don’t think it’s super clear. … If you haven’t run the race before and are running with a pack of marathoners (ahem, my 2011 race), I still think it’s fairly easy to miss veering to the right.”

“We walked a little further up towards the corrals and bag check and decided for one last pit stop before checking in our gear and heading to the corral. Wow. All I can say is wow. So, they increased registration this year to almost 30,000 runners and it seemed they had less port-a-potties than in prior years. We were in lines that zig-zagged up and back across the field. After being in line for over 30 minutes we had a minor mutiny on our hands…”

Philadelphia Skyline
“…it was glorious to not have to wait 2195792857 hours before the actual gun went off (cough, NYCM, cough). I lubed up with body glide, checked my bag, hydrated, visited the porta-loos few times and went to get into my corral. Easy peasy.”

“The expo was a runner nerd’s dream – lots of arm sleeves and tech tees for sale. The Convention Center was right near the Liberty Bell, so we took a stroll and did a bit of sightseeing.”

“Holy hell. I just ran 26.4 miles without stopping a single time. My left leg is so sore. My shoulders hurt. I’m sobbing. I can’t believe this. … Do I want to run another marathon again or is this a good way to go out?”

“Around mile 16, I thought, “I could just quit…” And those thoughts continued until mile 19, but I just kept push(ing) them out of my mind. A combo of walking and running got my legs loosened up and suddenly I had a second wind. I don’t know if it was the crowds in Manayunk or the Michael Jackson song on my playlist, but I was like, “Ok, time to go,” and started running again.”

“I found my friends after gathering myself from being an emotional knapsack. We ALL PR’D! I was so proud of my friends who finished, so grateful for my friends who cheered in Philly and afar, and for the support of everyone around me throughout this insane marathon training season. I picked myself up by my shoe laces, held on, and finished.”
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“Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the Philadelphia Marathon Expo is pretty impressive. There are some great vendors and it’s a nice layout. If you are driving in, the parking garages in the block immediately around it are typically full, so what I often do is take 12th St beyond Market St and park in the garage on the left side. It’s an extra block to walk, but it’s better than driving around in circles.”

Liberty Bell

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