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Rock and Roll San Diego Marathon

San Diego, CA

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The next event will be: June 4th, 2017.
Approximate cost is: $105-195
Registration by lottery (yes/no): No
Maximum allowable race time is: 7 hrs
Summary: Known for it’s pleasant Southern California weather, San Diego temperatures during marathon season rarely drop below the high 50’s (°F) and or rise above the low 70’s.

The San Diego race is the original Rock ‘N Roll series event in 1998 and has grown to be one of the largest marathons in the US.

Blog Recaps:
“Then there was a monster hill at mile 20 that pretty much did me in.
Um, yeah, that hill that was on the 163 freeway was no joke. It was a pretty steady climb to the top which was probably a mile long. After that were a couple rolling hills before you actually hit the downhill to the finish.”

RNR San Diego starthttp://trippingthekenyans.com/2014/06/03/review-san-diego-rock-n-roll-marathon/
“With the race basically being a point-to-point affair, it takes a little planning to decide how you want to get to your destination. Since the race starts at a park on Sixth avenue, parking is hard to come by. Your best bet is to park at Qualcomm Stadium (or another lot away from downtown) and take the trolley ($6 for a day pass) to Fifth Street. I caught the “special line” trolley near my hotel that took us to the trolley stop nearest the start line and had the chance to chat up fellow runners en route. You other option is to pick a hotel near the start and hoof it. Either way, expect a bit of a walk to get to the start (consider it a warm-up).”

“The start was a little bit strange – instead of the half and full marathoners starting together, the half marathoners would start after us. That’s not totally atypical, but the part that was weird to me was that the half marathoners were all already at the start, and standing next to the corrals watching us before it was their turn to line up. Usually if the races start separately, the half marathon starts late enough that I don’t have “all eyes on us”! I was, however, grateful for the extra space in the corrals. It was packed enough as it was!”

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“It was a great course, even with some of the miles being on a freeway. Oh, one cool thing was running through a tunnel that had lights flashing on the ceiling and music playing. Very cool and the first time I had seen that done. It was like being at the club.”

“The start line itself stretched for what seemed like half a mile, enough room for over 40 corrals of runners (42 I think). The number of people at these events are staggering, but the actual run on the course doesn’t feel that crowed though because the race organizers do a good job of having us corralled by pace time and things spread out nicely when the race starts.”

“I thought about how ridiculous their trolley expectation was. Lots and lots of people were late. Alex said that half marathoners were showing up half an hour late and weren’t allowed to race. A fellow I met in the trolley line said that they used to hire buses to shuttle marathoners direct to the start line. Some of us trolley takers had to pay $5 for the privilege to be left behind.”

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