Many people do not want to run outside because they are scared of being injured. However, it is easy to prevent injuries if you use your common sense and take precautions. The followings are nine steps to help runners stay safe on the outdoor run.

1/ Use common sense

Before running, you should spend one or two minutes doing a safety check. You should ensure that your shoes are tied and you are familiar with your route. When you start running, you should continue the safety checks. You need to watch out for cracks or bumps in the sidewalk or branches and rocks on your running path. You should not try a new route if it is too dark. If you want to explore the new route, you should save those exploratory runs for daylight.

2/ Make sure you are visible

No matter the time of day you are running, you should make sure that everyone, especially drivers, can see you. A useful tip is that you should wear white or bright-colored clothes when running. You should also make sure to have reflective gear. Although running shoes or jackets have reflective pieces on them, you add more to ensure you are visible, especially when running in the early morning, night, or dusk.

3/ Do not run alone at night

 If you feel comfortable when running at night, it is not safe when running solo. You should try to find a running group so you can share the interest of running at night with them. You should remember that there is always more safety in numbers.

4/ Have Identification on you

 You should bring the driver’s license and the medical insurance card in the pocket or wear the ID tag with an emergency contact number on your shoe or bracelet. You can take your cell phone and have in case of emergency (ICE) numbers saved. You can also use an app to allow your loved ones to know where you are at all times.