In the previous article, we learned about some tips for running safely, including checking carefully before the excises, wearing bright-colored clothes to ensure you are visible, avoiding running alone at night, and carrying out the identification.

Here are some other tips to help you run safely.

5/ Limit distractions

It is hard for someone to run without music or postcards. However, you should not use your iPod or MP3 players when running outdoors. When you listen to your music or postcards, it means that your sense of hearing is cut off. You cannot hear sounds around you such as oncoming cars, unleashed dogs, and other potential threats. You should save your iPod for running on your treadmill and make sure you focus on your surroundings. If you let your mid ignore, you will enter an unsafe area. 

6/ Do not make assumptions about drivers

You should not assume that drivers can see you and let you do because of your right of the way. Remember that some drivers cannot pay attention when they are listening to music/ the radio or having a phone call.

Therefore, you should make eye contact with drivers when crossing the streets. It is better for you to stay off the roads as much as possible and prioritize running in parks or on the paths and sidewalks.

7/ Watch out for cyclists, other runners

If you run on a patch or in a park without cars, you should be aware of cyclists and other runners. You should let them know when you are trying to pass other cyclists and runners. You should make sure that your path is clear before stopping or turning around.

8/ Bring cash/ ATM card

You should bring a certain amount of cash or the ATM card in case of an emergency. For example, if you get lost, face an injury or the weather is bad, you may need money to take a cab or bus to return home. Besides, you can buy water, sports drink, or food when running.

9/ Trust on your instincts

If a person or a location makes you feel uncomfortable, you should rely on your gut and run in the other direction.