Staying hydrated and wearing hygroscopic pants is key

You also have a way to deal with the hot and sunny conditions outside and keep up with your favorite run

But keeping the body hydrated is necessary, and the right clothes are required to remain cool in the hot summer weather. Here are some tips for running in a hot summer day.

Adapting to the hot weather 

If you go out and run in the heat without giving your body time to get used to the weather, you’re going to get a pretty big shock. 

Dr. Andrew Murray, who is also a runner, suggests spending more time in the hot sun a few days before racing, so that the body can adjust to harder conditions.

Keep hydrated 

Retention of water is important every day. However, this is much more important when you have to withstand the sun, which is why you can remain hydrated during the summer days. 

Dr. Murray advises consuming beverages containing electrolytes such as sports drinks, oresolic water or making your own by making a recipe: 1 teaspoon of salt and 8 teaspoons of sugar in 1 liter of purified water, to raise your energy level.

Wear appropriate garments 

When running in hot weather, choose dynamic clothes, sewn with a desiccant fabric, to get sweat out of your body, minimizing friction. Make sure you choose lingerie and socks that are the most comfortable to wear, that fits and absorbs well the moisture.

Health focus 

When you’re running in the sun, taking care of your wellbeing is way more critical than losing a few minutes off your highest record. 

If the temperatures are humid, you’re more inclined to consider running a little slower in marathons, says Dr. Murray.

Rest to Heal 

Make sure the body has ample rest before the race at least a day to avoid overtraining syndrome, Clinical Nutrition Experts at BioCare. Moreover, there are a variety of foods that can be used in the diet that can aid with regeneration.