Winter has come. And do you know that many people around the world use winter weather as an excuse to forego exercise. If you will want to approach running in winter, here are nine tips to keep you safe and warm.

Check the weather forecast. Check how cold it really is and whether it is going to rain or snow, which might affect the safety status of your running.

Start slowly. If you have just started running, launch yourself into a sprint right away. Take time to build up your endurance gradually.

Dress appropriately. Consider several layers of clothing so you can shed one or more of them if you warm up and start to sweat and you can put them back on if you get chilled then.

Wear something reflective. If it is gray or cloudy, drivers may be harder to see you. It is best to add some reflective tape to your running clothing.

Tell someone where you are going. Tell one of your friends or family member where you are planning to run and when you will be back, just in case something unexpected happens.

Stay hydrated. Your body still needs water in winter as you do in summer. Drink some fluids before you go out running and remember to take water along with you to keep your body stay hydrated.

Pay attention to the weather. Monitor the wind and temperature in case you need to reduce your running routine.

Warm up and cool down. Spend some time for your body to adjust and relax on both ends of your run.

Stop if anything goes wrong. Whether you feel lightheaded, you worry that you may have pulled a muscle in your leg, or your chest starts to hurt, it is time to stop running. Don’t keep pushing forward. Head inside and immediately call a doctor if you’re concerned.