Tips for Starting Running as a Hobby (Part 2)

If you have never run before, you should start immediately because of its benefits for health. However, you should follow those tips to start running in the right way.

5/ Choose Right Surface

Many people wonder what suitable kinds of surfaces they should start running. The answer is that it depends on the particular workout. Sometimes, a mix of the different surface is the right choice.

The pavement is an ideal surface for fast running. There is a little danger of turning your ankle. However, some experts said that it is hard on your joints as the pavement will not cushion your steps. Therefore, the payment is only for very light runners with good form. 

Forests and park floors are also suitable surfaces for beginners as they provide excellent cushioning. However, running at such surfaces will increase the risks of injury due to roots, rocks, and bumps. 

Sandy surface will train your muscles and make you lit your feet. However, you should be careful because it is easy to overwork your calf muscles. 

Besides, a treadmill is another ideal running surface, allowing beginners to train year-round with good cushioning. However, this type of running will require you to alter your form as the belt moves beneath your feet. 

6/ Don’t get worked up about side aches 

Many beginners always suffer from side aches when running. To avoid such aches, you should avoid eating anything solid about two hours before the workout and only drink in small quantities. 

If a side ache does strike, you should take a rest, breathe calmly, and walk. You also should press your hands against the side that hurts and should not start running again until the pain has gone.

7/ Take care of your body

Running is a full-body workout that is controlled by your core. Your aim swing influences every movement from the hips down, including the step length and cadence. In a bid to run tall, you need a healthy, strong, and stable core. The rest of your muscles should be in good shape so you can run light on your feet.

Tips for Starting Running as Hobby (part 1)

Do you want to play a sport to improve your health or kill free time, the best choice for you is running? Before wearing your shoes, please check out the following useful tips for beginners.

1/ Start with short running

As a new runner, you should not plan to run for a long distance in one go. In the beginning, you should try to run for a short road and have the intervals to recover a little. After some time, you can reduce the walking and lengthen the running sections. Besides, you should increase your running intervals by one minute per workout until you can run the entire distance without having to walk.

2/ Don’t run too fast

When you run, your body will get the new stresses and strains. If the beginners start running too fast, they will get frustration, overexertion, pains, or even injuries within a few minutes. Therefore, you should begin running at a moderate pace where you can easily hold a conversation. Besides, you should maintain the same speed for the entire distance. 

3/ Your body needs rest

If you run well for the first session and want to head out again right now, it is great. However, you should hold up a day before endeavoring the following exercise because your body needs to rest. The body needs to adapt to the new requests on the cardiovascular system and prepare for your bones and muscles before the next run. The best schedule for the beginners is that you run one day and rest the next. 

This basic preparing plan can assist amateurs with accomplishing the best preparing impact and keep away from overuse injuries.

4/ Run easy and take short steps    

Running is a challenging sport that many beginners waste a lot of energy if they don’t have the proper technique. Therefore, you should try to run relaxed with a good form. The short and easy steps are more effective than long and powerful runs. 

The Best Running Tips For Beginners (Part 1)

Are you a new running beginner? Have you decided to start running to improve your healths? Before lacing up your shoes, check out these useful running tips for beginners.

1. Start with short running intervals

Are you excited to start your running training? A new runner shouldn’t plan on running the entire distance in one go. Break down into intervals and keep them short at the beginning. Walk between the intervals so that you can recover a little. After some time, you can begin lengthening the running sections and reducing the walking: start by alternating between two minutes of jogging and two minutes of walking. Increase your running intervals by one minute each workout till you can run the entire distance at a stretch without walking.

2. Don’t start running too fast

Your body has to get used to the new strains and stresses of running. Many beginners start running too fast and pay the price for this mistake in just a few minutes. Overexertion, frustration, pain, or even injuries are just some of the consequences. So start running at a moderate pace (for example, where you can hold a conversation easily). Even when you feel like cutting loose, you should maintain the same pace for the remaining distance. Only those who give their body enough time to get used to the new demands will have long-term success.

3. Your body needs time to recover

It is great if your first run went well and you want to head out again right away. However, you should wait one day before trying the next workout: your body needs time to rest so that it can recover from the first running session. Your body has to adapt to the new demands on the cardiovascular system and prepare your bones and muscles for the next run. Plan your training so you run one day and rest the next. This simple training plan can help beginners get the greatest training effect and avoid injuries.

Benefits of Running Making You Start Immediately

Nowadays, many people choose running as not only a sport but also a hobby thanks to its various benefits. The followings are the reasons why you should fall in love with running immediately. 

1/ Helps healthy bones and effective weight loss

One of the most important benefits of running is to increase the metabolism and nutrient exchange to your bones. This makes muscles and ligaments suppler. When the muscles and ligaments are flexible, they will maintain a good balance and a healthy spine. 

Besides, running is an effective and safe method to lose weight if you are having weight problems. Getting regular running every morning will help you burn calories quickly and help you lose weight effectively. Especially, running will help women lose belly fat. Just run for a month will help you quickly regain a slim waist and more confidence in life.

2/ Strengthen the immune system for the body

Another benefit of running is to help boost immunity. The immune system is considered a “shield” to protect you from disease and viruses. Therefore, participating in the daily morning run is one way to strengthen such a “shield.”

3/ Reduce stress

If running while enjoying the fresh air and listening to your favorite music, all tiredness and stress during your work and life will be reduced. The spirit will become relaxed and comfortable. Besides, this physical activity will help you dispel the stress as well as negative thoughts. When the mood is compressed, the exercise can be much more useful than spending a lot of time to rest.

4/ Save money and time

When running, you will not need to invest a lot of time and money to go to a fitness center to have a healthy body and an attractive appearance. If you are too busy, you need to prepare a pair of shoes for a morning running before going to the office or working out with a treadmill at home. The only thing you should do is to exercise routine every day!

Top Benefits of Running for 30 Minutes (part 2)

4. Catch a Runner’s High

It is clear that running makes you feel good, even if you can’t do it for that long. Only 10 minutes of aerobic exercise can release a large amount of the mood-boosting endorphins that are responsible for runner’s high, so a quick lunchtime run can make you feel as good as a longer one. The benefits aren’t just in the moment since regular running has so many long-term effects on your mental health, from decreased anxiety and stress to improved energy levels. If you don’t trust the research, try out short, regular runs for one month and see the effects yourself.

5. Recover Quickly

If you keep your run to 30 minutes, you are very unlikely to overuse or overstretch your muscles. That means a much lower risk of injuries. As long as you take the usual stretching and cool-down measures in order to recover properly, your body will feel readier and more refreshed for your next long run. Even if you usually go for longer distances, factoring in the 30 minute run as part of your regular exercise routine can be much better for your body in the long term.

6. Sleep Well Like a Runner

When starting running regularly for 30 minutes, you will see your sleep improve significantly. And even if you are used to more strenuous exercise, a shorter run will still help you have better sleep than no running at all.

That is true for both quality and quantity: you will both fall asleep faster and spend more time in those deep sleep stages that are crucial for physical recovery. However, there is a caveat to this: try not to schedule your run before bedtime. All those feel-good endorphins will make you feel alert and awake, so you might struggle to get to sleep in the first place.

Running is more than a sport, it is a hobby

Running is one of the easiest sports that are suitable for everyone, from child to adult, even for the old. However, running now is not only a sport but also a hobby as many people usually enjoy running in their free time.

As a sport, running can help you improve strength, lose weight, and get fit. Running will help the young burn calories, burn serious fat, and keep their shape. Experts advise that overweight people should run about 30 minutes to burn between 200-500 calories. The 30-minute run also can keep burning fat for two whole days.

Meanwhile, this exercise will increase bone mass and help prevent age-related bone loss. Therefore, the old will feel more energetic when running regularly.

Running is not only good for the body but also helps improve mental and emotional health. The regular runner will experience an increase in vigor and a fall in fatigue after a 25-minute run. Meanwhile, the non-exercisers will record no improvement in such an area after the same activity.   

Notably, running will help the old improve the life expectancy as fitness will lead an improved circulation, a better balance of good and bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and lower stress hormones.

Nowadays, many people consider running as a hobby to fill up their leisure time and reduce stress after working hours. The only things needed to do before running are preparing comfortable shoes and turning on a favorite song. Some people will choose to run at home or workout studios fresh and clean reasons. Meanwhile, others can run around the parks to see flowers and butterflies. In this way, you will not be bored when running.

It is true that no matter how bad or good you feel, running will make you feel better. Therefore, all should keep running as a useful hobby!

Top Benefits of Running for 30 Minutes (part 1)

Think you don’t have time to train today? Stop this thinking right now. Research shows that running for just 30 minutes can have rather huge benefits on your short-term and long-term health. Here are the top reasons to wear your shoes and squeeze in that run today.

1. Burn Calories

Just 30 minute run is guaranteed to burn about 200-500 calories. That is an amazing step forwards to your weight loss goal. Calorie wiggle-room is always good news, whatever your goals and priorities are. So splitting the bottle instead of having a glass.

2. Burn Fat

Studies across the world show that running for about 15 to 30 minutes will burn some serious fat and kick-start your metabolism, both during and after the exercise itself. The reason is that during a shorter run, your body will use fat as its first power source, rather than relying on the carbohydrates playing a bigger role as exercise intensity increases.

You will also keep burning fat long after your run. After intense physical activity, your body goes into excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) mode, where the energy from fat and carbohydrates are used to restore itself to its pre-exercise state. EPOC can last from 15 minutes to a whopping up to 48 hours; so that 30 minute of running can keep you burning fat for 2 whole days.

3. Look Better, Feel Stronger

If you can run 3-5 days per week for 30 minutes, the internal health benefits will start to show on the surface very quickly, too. You will soon see effects such as pounds off the scale, more defined muscles, and clearer, healthier skin. Since your muscles will be stronger, you can get more out of those gym sessions, and your improved cardio fitness will also allow you to try things you might have not been able to before. And that means more confidence, too.