Running seems like a simple sport, there are many different types of running that you can explore and try immediately. The following are the most popular types of running for most runners.

Road Running

The most popular type is a road running. Runners usually run on paved roads, paths, and sidewalks. This is the most convenient and easiest type of running that is suitable for most beginners in their training. The only thing you should do is step out your door and get moving. However, you need a pair of convenient shoes to prevent you from being injured. 

Treadmill Running

If you do not like going out for running, the great alternative is treadmill running. This type of running is a smart choice if the weather is bad or you are scared about air pollution. Besides, treadmill running is often easier than outdoor running and can be gentler on your joints.

Most treadmills permit runners to change the pace, incline, and resistance. Therefore, they can vary their workout to prevent boredom. You can run a race on the treadmill throughout using an application like Zwift.

However, running indoors will not offer you chances to breathe the fresh air and see the beautiful scenery.

Trail Running

For runners who are interested in enjoying the scenery and peaceful surroundings, trail running is a great choice.  You can run on hiking trails of varying terrain, from mountains to deserts. You even sidestep roots, climb over logs, run through streams, or traverse up steep hills.


If you enjoy the thrill and competition, you should participate in races on roads, trails, and tracks. Racing events usually have various distance lasting 100 miles or more. Most of the participants enter the race not to win but to beat a personal goal and achieve it.

Track Running

Track running events include shorter distance races such as 100,200, or 400 meters. However, before track running, you should conduct more targeted speed work and less endurance running outdoors.