Running brings you many benefits, thus it is a good idea to run as a hobby. Scientifically, running has a lot of health benefits such as improving your lung and heart functions and raising the level of good cholesterol in your body. Besides, the regular run can improve blood circulation and give your immune system a boost.
Today, I will share with you my experience of having run as a hobby.

1/ Running makes me feel energized

Actually, I used not to be a morning person. I was always dragging from the bed in the morning. It means I did not wake up early in the morning. Therefore, it was hard for me to run in the first place.

I thought that waking up early and running would have made me feel tired. However, when I began running, I felt that it made me feel energized the whole day.

2/ Running improves my immune system

I used to get colds and cough so easily that I would surely get the sniffles when sitting beside a person sneezing. However, that changed when I began running as a hobby. It might be thanks to some changes of my lungs when I run or exposing to outdoor elements on a regular basis. After the regular run, I rarely get sick. Some recent studies showed that running could prevent some forms of cancer. I am not sure about this information. However, staying away from the sniffles is enough to convince me.

3/ Running helps me make friends

There are many people who also love running like you. When you run daily, you sometimes see familiar faces and make friends with them. I have a couple of friends with great relationships, thanks to the frequent run. We support each other and give some pieces of advice before races.