Running is one of the easiest sports that are suitable for everyone, from child to adult, even for the old. However, running now is not only a sport but also a hobby as many people usually enjoy running in their free time.

As a sport, running can help you improve strength, lose weight, and get fit. Running will help the young burn calories, burn serious fat, and keep their shape. Experts advise that overweight people should run about 30 minutes to burn between 200-500 calories. The 30-minute run also can keep burning fat for two whole days.

Meanwhile, this exercise will increase bone mass and help prevent age-related bone loss. Therefore, the old will feel more energetic when running regularly.

Running is not only good for the body but also helps improve mental and emotional health. The regular runner will experience an increase in vigor and a fall in fatigue after a 25-minute run. Meanwhile, the non-exercisers will record no improvement in such an area after the same activity.   

Notably, running will help the old improve the life expectancy as fitness will lead an improved circulation, a better balance of good and bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and lower stress hormones.

Nowadays, many people consider running as a hobby to fill up their leisure time and reduce stress after working hours. The only things needed to do before running are preparing comfortable shoes and turning on a favorite song. Some people will choose to run at home or workout studios fresh and clean reasons. Meanwhile, others can run around the parks to see flowers and butterflies. In this way, you will not be bored when running.

It is true that no matter how bad or good you feel, running will make you feel better. Therefore, all should keep running as a useful hobby!