A treadmill is a fitness machine which you can walk or run on with a controllable rotary belt. Treadmills are available in most fitness centers, or you can buy one yourself in stores or online.


Accessibility is one of the greatest benefits of using a treadmill. Since most treadmills are indoors, you can use them in any environment, day or night, warm or cold weather. For those who practise at night or live in areas with ever unpredictable weather, this can make running more accessible.

Most treadmill running advocates enjoy the different functions a treadmill can offer, such as accurate control of their pace, tilt, and intervals.

For those having returned from an injury, that’s also beneficial, as they can progress slowly in a more controlled environment on a treadmill.

For instance, because of factors such as uneven ground and slippery sidewalks, running outdoors can pose a greater risk to anyone returning from an ankle injury.

Finally, it may be better for your joints to run on a treadmill, since most treadmills have cushioned belts to absorb some of the influence. Hard land, especially sidewalks and roads, will not on the other hand.

Contrary to common opinion, most research indicates that there is no knee or joint damage in any running form


Indoor treadmill running means remaining in a set position where the treadmill is located, unlike outdoor running, where you can be surrounded by woods or beautiful greenery. Some claim that over time, this can become repetitive.

Many modern treadmills, however, offer screens to mimic an outdoor run, which can make the experience more fun. Nonetheless, many contend that this will never live up to outdoor running.

Additionally, compared to outdoor running, treadmill running needs fewer muscle groups, such as glutes and hamstrings. That is because you appear to run in a consistent linear motion when you run on a treadmill, with the treadmill belt propelling you along.

Finally, the cost is one of the main drawbacks of running treadmills. For $10 or more per month, treadmills are available to use at the fitness center, while buying your own treadmill can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.