Having a partner will promote you to run more regularly. If you have yet to choose a passionate partner, you can run with a dog. The followings are some tips that you should know before running.

1/ Get Dog in Shape

You should not expect to run ten miles in time as soon as you get your dog. You should spend shorter miles on training your dog for all subtleties for the trail. Notably, you should not push outside its comfort zone and run too fast or long to get dogs to become an active participant in the run. After the initial training, the dog will learn how you run and develop its pacing.

2/ Sniff in Moderation 

Usually, dogs sniff along walks as a way to remember the way to come home. They often pee and sniff for the comfort of knowing the way back. Therefore, you should keep your pace and maintain a steady rhythm for them to see the way back. After that, you should ease your dog into sniffing less than the beginning of the run.

You should run on the wide paths and run in the middle to lessen dogs from sniffing. Your dog will gradually get used to smelling less when on runs.

3/ Practice Positivity

You should not control dogs via the negative encouragement to make them act out of fear. Instead, you can teach your dog through positive encouragement and patience. You can bring treats along to reward good behavior. If you find that your dog is leading too much, you need to stop moving. In this way, your dog will gradually learn to behave while remaining happy and comfortable.

4/ Check Your Dog

You should save your dog to save a costly visit to the vet during or after your run for burrs, foxtails, ticks, and glass. You should look inside their nose, backside, paws, and sides of your dogs for any objects. If you run on the rough race, please wear some boots on your dog’s paws.