It is quite easy to become a runner. However, it is not simple to make the running become a hobby and enjoy it every day.

The followings are some of the useful tips for beginners to enjoy running.

1/Focus on time over mileage or speed

When I began running over ten years ago, I used to run for the same amount of time every day. It was only 15 minutes. However, the 15-minute felt like hell. However, I then found it easier to run for 15 minutes. Therefore, you should not run a certain distance but a certain amount of time to reap the better-health benefits.

According to the latest research, spending just 30 minutes on running can lift the mood of those who are suffering from a major depressive disorder.

2/ Find Suitable Footwear

When you wear suitable footwear, you will feel comfortable to run. A good pair of shoes can support your movement the best.

The question is how do I choose the best ones. You can go to a run store to get a new pair of sneakers. Regularly, sales assistants will analyze your gait to recommend a pair of kicks.

3/ Pre-Plan Running Routes

There is something special about running without a plan. However, it is easier to motivate with a plan or a route in mind.

You should minimize as many surprises as possible. You should know where water fountains, sidewalks, shared pathways, mass transit, during your running route.

4/ Pace Yourself 

You should run slowly when starting to enjoy running. This will help you avoid the inevitable aches and pains coming with any new exercise. However, you should run faster and faster and use the days-off to do another activity you are keen on. This will prevent things from getting mundane.

5/ Have Partners

Working out with a friend will make you exercise more often. You should find a partner who has the same skill level as you and make plans to grab smoothies and refuel. If your partner is living in another city, you should consider virtual running partners.