Are you a new running beginner? Have you decided to start running to improve your healths? Before lacing up your shoes, check out these useful running tips for beginners.

1. Start with short running intervals

Are you excited to start your running training? A new runner shouldn’t plan on running the entire distance in one go. Break down into intervals and keep them short at the beginning. Walk between the intervals so that you can recover a little. After some time, you can begin lengthening the running sections and reducing the walking: start by alternating between two minutes of jogging and two minutes of walking. Increase your running intervals by one minute each workout till you can run the entire distance at a stretch without walking.

2. Don’t start running too fast

Your body has to get used to the new strains and stresses of running. Many beginners start running too fast and pay the price for this mistake in just a few minutes. Overexertion, frustration, pain, or even injuries are just some of the consequences. So start running at a moderate pace (for example, where you can hold a conversation easily). Even when you feel like cutting loose, you should maintain the same pace for the remaining distance. Only those who give their body enough time to get used to the new demands will have long-term success.

3. Your body needs time to recover

It is great if your first run went well and you want to head out again right away. However, you should wait one day before trying the next workout: your body needs time to rest so that it can recover from the first running session. Your body has to adapt to the new demands on the cardiovascular system and prepare your bones and muscles for the next run. Plan your training so you run one day and rest the next. This simple training plan can help beginners get the greatest training effect and avoid injuries.