4. iSmoothRun (iOS: $4.99)

iSmoothRun works well enough on its own since it is filled with features. However, you will get a really useful tool for getting more out of your runs if you pair this app with any wearable devices or fitness tracking apps.

While tracking your run time, cadence, and many more, iSmoothRun Pro uses GPS and the motion sensors of your iPhone, effortlessly switching between the two as needed. Users can log and display various running metrics, including distance, speed, time, and intervals as well. You can also export data to different formats and fitness services.

5. Run with Map My Run (iOS, Android: Free)

Run with Map My Run is the own take on the run-tracking app of MapMyFitness. It takes of your phone’s GPS and several other sensors to map and track your running course, speed, time, and total distance.

It displays your real-time stats as well as your end-of-run totals, and supports for heart rate sensors, various fitness trackers, nutrition tracking, and Wear OS support. A premium subscription removes ads and offers location sharing and voice coaching.

If you want to enjoy other activities in addition to running, MapMyFitness also provides separate apps for walking, cycling, and workout training.

6. Pacer (iOS, Android: Free)

Taking advantage of your phone’s built-in sensors, this all-in-one pedometer and fitness tracker tracks your steps, running times and route in a low-fuss interface that is designed to just work in the background.

This app allows you to track your activity history and tr,ends, create custom fitness goals, view your routes, and take part in challenges, and join motivational groups. Pacer also plays well with other fitness hubs such as MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and Apple Health.

The great thing is that all of this comes in freely. However, it also features premium subscribers, which provide additional features such as weight loss plans and guided workouts.