7. Weight Loss Running (iOS, Android: Free)

Unlike many of the other best running apps which just focus on tracking your runs, Weight Loss Running is designed to be the whole package, serving as a running coach, fitness log, and diet aid as well for runners.

It is highlighted by programs developed with weight loss in mind and provide users with a number of training plans to choose from, including running for weight loss, or 5k, 10k run training. The app also comes with running music, audio coaching, run tracking, diet plans, and more.

Weight Loss Running features premium subscription costs $9.99 per month, which removes advertising at the same time adding more training plans, coaching options, and music mixes.

8. Footpath Route Planner (iOS: Free)

Footpath Route Planner helps plan your next running route into simplicity. All users need to do is to trace a rough outline of their intended running route, hiking trail, or walking path, and the app will snap the route intelligently to match nearby roads, paths, and trails. You can press and hold on the map if you want to calculate routes between points. You can also look up details such as elevation if you need to gauge difficulty.

An in-app purchase unlocks several additional features like unlimited saved routes, premium topographic map sources, cross-device syncing, and route exporting to GPX or KML files.

9. Peloton – at home fitness (Android, iOS: $12.99 per month)

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a Peloton bike to take advantage of Peloton’s workout classes. Peloton – at home is a free app to download with its name emphasizing the fact that nowadays most of us are working out at home. Signing up for Peloton’s $12.99 monthly subscription, you can use it to guide you on both indoor treadmill runs and outdoor runs.