3. Put Alarm Clock Far From Your Bed

When your alarm clock rings early in the morning, we usually keep hitting the snooze button to sleep for a couple of more minute. Before you realize it, 30 to 40 minutes may have passed and you have wasted time for a run.

You need consistency if you want to build a morning running habit. Don’t expect to build a routine if you blow off every third day.

If you are struggling to get up, put the alarm clock out of reach so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Or even put it in the bathroom on top of your gym clothes. The more steps you put between you and the alarm clock, the less likely you are to fall back asleep.

4. Lay Out Your Clothes

If you don’t like the mentioned idea of sleeping in your running clothes, you can lay them out next to the bed so that you are ready to go in the morning. Others prefer to leave their clothes in the bathroom so that you won’t risk waking your partner. Another tip is to wear a hat since this saves you a lot of time trying to tame your morning hair.

5. Incentivize Yourself

If you are following a training schedule, it is harder to blow off a morning run. The reason is that you have set a goal that you want to reach and have to keep with the program in order to get there.

Even if you are not training, you should do the same, setting goals and schedules so that you maintain growth and get the most out of a run. The goal doesn’t need to be distance or ticking days off of a calendar. You can reward yourself if you meet certain goals, gifting yourself with a massage or spa treatment.