If you have never run before, you should start immediately because of its benefits for health. However, you should follow those tips to start running in the right way.

5/ Choose Right Surface

Many people wonder what suitable kinds of surfaces they should start running. The answer is that it depends on the particular workout. Sometimes, a mix of the different surface is the right choice.

The pavement is an ideal surface for fast running. There is a little danger of turning your ankle. However, some experts said that it is hard on your joints as the pavement will not cushion your steps. Therefore, the payment is only for very light runners with good form. 

Forests and park floors are also suitable surfaces for beginners as they provide excellent cushioning. However, running at such surfaces will increase the risks of injury due to roots, rocks, and bumps. 

Sandy surface will train your muscles and make you lit your feet. However, you should be careful because it is easy to overwork your calf muscles. 

Besides, a treadmill is another ideal running surface, allowing beginners to train year-round with good cushioning. However, this type of running will require you to alter your form as the belt moves beneath your feet. 

6/ Don’t get worked up about side aches 

Many beginners always suffer from side aches when running. To avoid such aches, you should avoid eating anything solid about two hours before the workout and only drink in small quantities. 

If a side ache does strike, you should take a rest, breathe calmly, and walk. You also should press your hands against the side that hurts and should not start running again until the pain has gone.

7/ Take care of your body

Running is a full-body workout that is controlled by your core. Your aim swing influences every movement from the hips down, including the step length and cadence. In a bid to run tall, you need a healthy, strong, and stable core. The rest of your muscles should be in good shape so you can run light on your feet.