Like other hobbies, learning to enjoy running takes various efforts and time. Few people can wear sneakers and think they would run for the rest of their life. Running can be difficult, especially when the weather is hot.

The followings are the little things you can do to help make running more comfortable.

1/ Start Small

When starting running, you should not commit to doing much too soon. Instead, you should begin with a small and attainable goal, such as trying for 15 or 30 minutes. You can do anything you are interested in within that time.

Sometimes, you can integrate running and walking intervals, like three minutes on and three minutes off. Such exercise will give your body time to acclimate to the new activity loads.

2/ Mix Things Up

You will feel bored if going out and running the same route every day after a short while. Therefore, you should mix up your exercise by taking different routes close to home. If you want to stick with a certain route, you can mix things up in a different way. For example, you can incorporate intervals or switch from a podcast to a go-to playlist.  

Besides, you can incorporate some strength training or cross-training to mix things up.

3/ Find Partner

You should run with a partner to increase the entertainment and the accountability factor. Moreover, a new and supportive partner will be a motivation for you to work out more often.

During the Coronavirus disease 2019, you can use MapMyRun application to motivate one another. You can compare runs and efforts with your friend regularly. Besides, the excellent app will help you chat about your training with others to stay more engaged.

Running solo can be a great joy in your life. However, joining a running club can help you stay motivated, make friends, and discover new places.