In the previous article, we learned about some tips to make running easier and easier. Sometimes, you can run with a partner to motivate you to work out more often. Today, we will continue with some running tips.

4/Put on power playlist

It is special to running along the park in the morning with a side of a stellar soundtrack. According to a recent survey published in the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, the right music can motivate you to push yourself for a longer time when you run solo.

The survey showed that the right music could help exercisers into the flow state. It means that runners lower levels of exertion and maintain a better overall mood.

5/Keep track of your progress

There is something exciting that you can see your hard work pay off. When you run, you should keep track of your workouts and efforts through an application or a written running log. It is a particular way to become your own biggest fan. A helpful tip is to write down how you feel after running. In this way, you can look back that you can do difficult things and push forward.

6/ Let go of expectation

When you start your running journey, you should not hope to be running legend Eliud Kipchoge on a single day. It is similar that you would not pass a match test without learning the materials.


We are attracted by the beauty of technology all day long. Therefore, you should use your running time as a chance to leave the chaos of social media at home and enjoy your active time. It means that you should simply leave your phones at home or ditch tech altogether, wearables included. Leaving your running watch will help you enjoy the nature and atmosphere around.  

We hope that the above tips would motivate you to start running and make it become a hobby.