Running itself can easily bring a person to nirvana, but adding the physical activity to your nighttime routine can be even more rewarding. There’s something invigorating about nighttime running while most people are at home unwinding from a long day that can make you feel empowered and like you have discovered a secret that no one else has caught onto. Below are the top four benefits of running at night.

1. You will run more consistently.

When it comes to night running, the biggest difference from morning run is that you are already awake and those texts and emails really should be postponed until tomorrow. A night run should b considered as the opportunity to remove yourself from distractions and take time for yourself, and you will be able to consistently run interruption-free.

2. Running at night can help you sleep better.

There are not many things in life that can make you feel better than tucking yourself into bed after a good run. A recent study by the University of South Carolina showed that those who took part in moderate to high-intensity exercise for 1-2 hours could easily go into a deep, relaxing sleep just 30 minutes later.

3. Nighttime running is more effective and automatic.

Instead of relying on your vision like you do when you run in the morning or at noon, a night running forces you to rely more on your lower-level proprioceptive skills at night, which allows your body to go into an increasingly reactive, automatic state with sharper senses and reflexes.

4. Your body will be more prepared.

Properly fueling for morning runs can be an issue, particularly when you have to wake up super early and skip breakfast to rush out the door. Saving your runs for the night can give you more time to focus on proper nutrition, as well as gives your body more time to stretch warm up.

Moreover, one study shows that your muscular function and strength peaks in the evening hours with your oxygen uptake and anaerobic capacity, which makes the case for night running even stronger.