Running can sometimes make you feel lonely and wish that you could find a running partner who can share a laugh or two with you, who can share your love of the sport, who can push you to your limits and beyond. Here are top benefits that you can gain when you find a running buddy.

Someone to Talk To

Running can be a solitary exercise. Sometimes having a partner to talk to can make those miles fly by faster than any train of thought or thrash metal song. Talking while running can benefit you in many ways. In tempo runs, you need to decrease your speed to catch your breath and let your muscles recover. Runners often call up a friend or talk to the people beside them to avoid pushing themselves too hard during what is supposed to be a rest period. Conversational paces are also useful for inexperienced runners to moderate their speed as well as decrease the risk of injury. 


There are many people that are truly devoted to their fitness regimen. From diet to aerobics to weightlifting, they are an immovable object. It is sure that not everyone is like that and not everyone can keep that up 100% of the time.

There will be days when your body is telling you no, when the weather outside is too awful, when it is too damn early or too damn late and you just want to sleep, or when you just feel like marathone season 1 of Doom Patrol. Well, that is exactly the perfect time for your running buddy come in to pull you by the ear as Seth Bullock did to George Hearst. They will be there for you in your own moments of weakness when you are too lazy or too tired.