Learning from Each Other

Running always provides you with new things to learn, new workouts to try, greater understandings to be gleaned. Running with a partner helps you have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and critique each other’s forms and trade stories, exercise ideas, running routes, and dietary tricks.

Increased Motivation

Friendships are friendships, competition is competition. It is common that you want to be the better runner between the two, whether it is acknowledged or not. And your partner feels the same. Friendly competition can help you make incredible gains that you cannot do on your own. That your partner is more experienced means you have someone whose abilities you want to adopt and it will push you to be as good as they are. Just having someone running beside you, telling you motivational lines, and providing support is enough to help push yourself beyond the limitations you believe you have.

New Routes

Your bodies are great at adapting and your minds need stimulation. Over time, our bodies may get used to the same running routes no matter how you modify your run. Your motivation will decrease if you have known your routes like the back of your hand since nothing new to explore. You won’t have anything to discover because you know it already. It is time when boredom can appear. Boredom can decrease your motivation and give you a reason not to go out for that run.

Your running partner may introduce with you some new places to explore. That makes you feel a little new again. However, there may be also a change of terrain, which requires you to adapt your run style and potentially workout neglected muscle groups to make it through.

A Social Circle

If you’re an introvert and need some friendship, finding a running partner not only helps you maintain physical fitness, but it offers a built-in social outlet as well.