It is common to make mistakes at some point during our running training and racing. While some may repeat the same mistakes again and again, others learn from those mistakes and try to avoid repeating them in the future. Here are top ten most common running mistakes that you should avoid.

Wearing unsuitable running shoes

One of the worst mistakes that all runners, especially beginners, must avoid is to wear the unsuitable running shoes. Remember to be very wise about wearing the right ones and not to comprise with running shoes. Wearing old and wrong running shoes may cause injuries. Choose a recognized brand that concentrates in running-based shoes. Running shoes commonly have a lifespan of about 300-500 miles, so don’t hesitate to throw the wear out ones. In addition, make sure to get the shoes measured properly, taking into account the comfort and running form of the shoes, rather than their fashionableness or trendy color.

Running too much

It is not good to get over enthusiasm and excitement. If you don’t take any time to rest and recover, you will end up being exhausted and easily quit up your running schedule. It is necessary to learn to give ourselves a break and increase our mileage without rushing in to. Particularly, beginners should start with walking and then progress into running. Pay attention to your body’s warning signs. Don’t over-exert it at least in the initial phases. Make sure to take one or two day offs from exercising each and every week.

Being too hard on recovery days

Even if you feel recovered, don’t be too hard on yourself on your recovery days, which are very important to help you heal your muscles, adapt simultaneously, and improve step by step. We often don’t realize how necessary it is to give our bodies enough time to recover so that we can avoid further long-time injuries. Don’t go for your every-day routine, it is better to opt for easy-effort workouts.