Top three running watch brands in the world

If you are looking forward to getting into a better fitness routine, it is worth investing in a running watch. It can improve your workouts to the next level, helping you track calories burned and miles covered, watch your time and distance goals, track solely runs as well as track strength and toning workouts. Here we have compiled a list of top three running watch brands in the world, including Polar, Garmin, and Fitbit.


Polar’s sport watches offer tons of benefits for those who are starting on a fitness journey or are looking to improve on impressive athletic skills. These running watches come in at competitive price points but provide a deep insight into our workouts. In the Polar Flow app, there are lots of pages and data to work through, so it is best to spend some time on diving in and checking it out. Moreover, all Polar models are waterproof.


Garmin’s watches are specifically designed for running so they offer loads of fitness tracking features, even though they have smart-watch capabilities, such as receiving notifications. Garmin is perfect option for those who are serious about tracking their running goals and paces. The Garmin Connect app also provides a lot of information. You will toggle by using buttons on the side of the watch face instead of touch-screen access. Its app really comes in handy. You can take full advantage of the app without having to purchase a membership or subscription. In addition to running, you can track other workouts, too.


Fitbit features a range of activity tracker and smart-watch options. Fitbit watches are extremely intuitive in setup and use, particularly when starting and finishing a run. Its app also gives you a lot of information about your activity levels. You can access more stats with a Premium subscription of $9.99 per month. It also helps you track stress levels, mindfulness, weight loss, water and food intake, in addition to your active minutes, workouts, and calories burned.