3. Go it alone

It is certain that running alone gives you the freedom when you want and decide your own pace. If you want to run when traveling, ask for your hotel for any areas that you should avoid or look for the nearest water such as a canal, river, or seafront and run along it one way and come back again. In addition to often being pleasant places to run, this has the additional bonus of reducing the risk of getting lost. Running laps around the nearest park is always a good traffic-free option, although it is less adventurous.

If you want a more ambitious route, checking it out on Google Streetview before leaving is a good idea, particularly to get a sense of what the key landmarks along the running rout look like so that you don’t miss them.

If you are worried about safety, heading out early is a good option. If you run at night, wear reflective clothing and bring a head torch. Always take along you some cash and a credit card to get public transport back to the start if you get lost. Another way is to use a GPS watch which has the ‘return to home’ feature and set it before you start. Then it will take you back to your lodgings.

But don’t be too worried, as getting lost in a safe place can also have some fun and lead you to discover unexpected places you never have seen.

4. Take a tour

If you find all this planning too much effort, many cities now provide organized running tours where you just need to pay a fee to run with a knowledgeable local runner. They may even take you out for dinner or a drink afterwards. It is a great way not only to discover a new city but also to make new friends.